Discover Your Destination

Following God’s leading in our lives is exciting and challenging. Many think that starting college will answer all our questions, only to find that God is challenging so much more than expected.

To support and encourage students to reach the place of God’s call in their lives, we have initiated a Flight Plan – the concept being that Eastwest College is not a place to arrive, but from your first day here it will be considered a point of departure.

Three important questions each student needs to be asking:

  • How did I get here?

  • How am I growing?

  • Where am I going?

So what is the Flight Plan?

Primarily the Flight Plan is a guided journal which you will complete and keep with you as you go through your studies.

The questions are designed to encourage students to engage in the process of spiritual growth but with a focus on moving ahead into cross-cultural ministry.

We ask that you communicate with relevant agencies and your church about your vision and begin to put things in place for after your graduation so your can … take off!

The Flight Plan is divided into stages which are completed at specific times. When you complete a stage, you will spend time with a staff member and discuss the stage one-to-one and pray together over the areas covered.