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2021 Academic Schedule

2022 Academic Schedule

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Eastwest operates a semester-based study programme. Students may enter the study programme at the beginning of a semester, in February or July.

Prospectus 2021

Applied Learning

For the duration of your study at Eastwest College you will be part of a ministry team with a weekly opportunity to be engaged in real-life learning and ministry in the surrounding area. This applied learning is not an optional extra, but is integrated as a core component of the training provided to all students.

Part-time Options

Part-time study options are available if you are unable to commit to full-time study. If you choose to study part-time you will complete your training over a longer period by selecting subjects to work around your existing schedule. If you wish to know more about this approach to study, contact us and we can start exploring the options.

Cross-crediting Classes

Other institutions may cross-credit elements of Eastwest’s qualifications towards degree level qualifications when requested by graduates.

Eastwest Diploma graduates who already hold a first accredited degree may be exempt the first year of a Master’s degree with Columbia International University (USA).

The Flight Plan

It is our goal that the entire Eastwest experience will work together to see our students equipped for ministry.

To best serve the students who come to us, the churches who send and support them, and the Christian organizations who will facilitate them in the future, our focus is on getting someone from the point of knowing God’s calling to being established in meaningful cross-cultural ministry.

The Flight Plan is a tool which offers intentional accountability – asking from the very start – ‘why are you here?’ …and… ‘where is God leading you?’

Academic Accreditation of Eastwest College


Eastwest College is registered as a private training establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments (registered number 8325). The NZQA official web page about Eastwest College can be found here. The page indicates the full accreditation and compliance of the college as required by NZ government legislation.

Every four years all colleges in New Zealand are audited by the NZQA in a review called an ‘External Evaluation and Review’ [EER]. The last time the Eastwest was reviewed it achieved the highest possible level known as ‘Category 1’. That report can be found here.