Student Life


Campus Tour

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Multi-cultural Teams

The reality for many Christian workers is that they will work in international teams. There are many books about living and working in multi-cultural teams and communities but there can be no substitute for actually living it day to day. The experience is amazing and the opportunity is here at Eastwest.


Eastwest College is a residential college. Our on-site accommodation currently consists of 21 units, each unit is either two, three, or four-bedrooms and has a self-contained bathroom, kitchen, and living space. See accommodation page for full details.

Please note: International students are required to live on the campus in student accommodation provided.


Residential students share lunch (Mon-Fri) and evening meals (Mon-Thurs) during term time with all other meals being their own responsibility. With a variety of cultures and dietary preferences students will always find something a little different to try and we encourage them to share something from their culture.

Day Students

With the advantage of being on site for lectures most days, our expectation is that all day students share morning teas and lunchtimes in the dining room*. In this way, they experience the same interaction and advantages of cross-cultural communication as our residential students.

*And afternoon teas when on prac duty (Monday or Friday).

Shared Practical Duties

To promote the development of a servant attitude – an essential to any mission service – students at Eastwest do an afternoon of practical work and a daily duty to assist with the college’s community lifestyle. The tasks include cooking, cleaning, preparing food, painting, gardening, lawn-mowing, carpentry, and more!

Fitness & Well-being

Studying is great for the mind but we know that physical fitness is an important part of healthy living. Our on-site gym offers free access to cardio equipment and weights. Some students also choose to go for a run in the surrounding countryside. A previous student even used the time here to train for his first ever marathon in Auckland!

Gordonton and Beyond

Gordonton is a village on the outskirts of the city of Hamilton in the North Island of New Zealand. There are limited resources within walking distance of the college – fast food, hairdresser, cafe, farm produce shop, and beauty parlour. There is also the local Gordonton Primary School 1km from the college and a small but well-stocked grocery store as well as a shop selling work by local artists. Most students go into Hamilton for shopping, cinema etc. A college vehicle goes once a week to a large shopping centre (15 minutes drive from the college) for a couple of hours. This is especially helpful for students without cars. Many students however, (including international students) choose to have their own car and there are local car auctions where these can be bought.


Commitment to a local fellowship is expected of every student as this is important to our ongoing walk with God. There are two churches in Gordonton – Presbyterian and Anglican. In Hamilton there are many, many more and a wide variety of worship styles and ministry emphases.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]